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Nukala Hari Reddy, DDS

Emergency Dentist & Cosmetic Dentist located in North Central, San Antonio, TX

Dr. Hari Reddy and his staff serve many of the residents in and around San Antonio, in Bexar County, Texas. At The Tooth Doctor, Dr. Reddy specializes in various procedures associated with cosmetic dentistry, including veneers and teeth whitening systems.

Cosmetic Dentistry Q & A

What are Veneers?

Veneers are small pieces of plastic or porcelain that are placed on the surface of the teeth to correct abnormalities. They are often used to reshape or resize teeth. They can be used to close gaps, correct teeth that have been chipped or damaged, and give the patient a whiter, more vibrant smile. Veneers are often considered to be permanent, due to the fact that a large portion of the tooth's exterior enamel must be removed so that the veneer can be bonded into place. Veneers can last for several years and are extremely durable. Once they are in place, they are cleaned just as the rest of the teeth and require very little additional care.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

The majority of teeth whitening systems are both safe and effective when used in moderation. Many DIY home kits can contain abrasives that may damage the surface enamel of the teeth if used too often. The teeth whitening systems used in dental offices are much better and produce more effective and longer lasting results. Whitening procedures that are performed in a dentist's office are constantly being monitored to ensure the right level of brightness, as well as keeping a close eye on the enamel of the teeth to ensure that it is not damaged or eroded in any way.

What Types of Dental Procedures are Considered to be Cosmetic?

A cosmetic dental procedure is one that enhances or improves a person's appearance. Teeth whitening systems, veneers, overlays, braces, and crowns are considered to be cosmetic if they are used to beautify a person's smile. Restorative and reconstructive procedures are also used to beautify a person's smile, but prior to that, proper form and function must be restored to the mouth. This includes correcting damage from an injury or setting broken bones in the cheek or jaw. Once function has been restored and the basic form or shape of the mouth has been achieved, cosmetic procedures can then be used to improve the smile and overall look of the mouth, cheeks, and jaw.


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