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At the Tooth Doctor, residents of San Antonio, Texas and many of the surrounding communities in Bexar County can receive the highest quality of dental care. Dr. Hari Reddy and his staff specialize in dental implants and a variety of other cosmetic procedures, including veneers and crowns.

Dental Implants Q & A

Are Dental Implants Permanent?

Dental implants are designed to be permanent. Once the root of the tooth has been removed and the metal or titanium post has been implanted into the jawbone, it will be extremely difficult to remove. The jawbone will grow around the post, holding it securely in place and preventing the other teeth that are nearby from shifting or moving away from their original position. Once the bone grows around the post, it cannot be removed. The top portion of the implant, however, can be replaced as needed. Crowns will begin to show wear and tear after several years of use. Replacing them is rather easy and can be completed in a day. 

How Are Implants Cleaned?

Implants are cleaned just like other teeth in the mouth. They can be brushed and flossed without fear of damaging the crown or the post. If a crown has been removed to be replaced or repaired, the post that sticks out of the gum will not need any special cleaning. The dentist will remove any debris and thoroughly clean the area before replacing the crown. If several implants are in place and are the support for a partial denture, the posts will need very little care. The denture portion of the implant must be cleaned regularly, just like other dental appliances that are removed from the mouth when not in use. 

Are Implants Painful?

There will be some degree of discomfort after the root of the tooth has been removed and the metal posts implanted into the jawbone. Once the jaw starts the healing process and begins to grow around the post, the overall discomfort will be minimal compared to what a patient may have experienced prior to the procedure. Once the roots have been removed, the majority of most patients' pain is gone. After the posts have been put in place, the patient may experience tenderness in the area. Once the bone begins to stabilize the posts, most of that tenderness will disappear as well.


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