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Emergency Dentist & Cosmetic Dentist located in North Central, San Antonio, TX

Dr. Hari Reddy and the staff at The Tooth Doctor, specialize in the clear alignment system, as well as other types of cosmetic procedures. The dentist serves the residents of San Antonio, Texas, as well as many of the surrounding cities and towns.

Invisalign® Q & A

How Does the Clear Alignment System Work?

The system works by using a series of hard plastic trays to gradually move the teeth back into alignment. The amount of work needed will determine how many trays are needed to complete the process. Anywhere from 11 to 24 trays may be required to complete the treatment plan. In some cases, a second treatment plan may be needed to achieve the desired results. Each tray in the series moves the teeth a little more than the previous one. Trays are worn for approximately two weeks at a time. Depending on the situation and how quickly the doctor wants to make the correction, the trays may be worn up to a month a time, if needed.

How are the Trays Made?

Impressions of the patient's teeth are made, and a mold is created. Photographs and dimensions of the mold are fed into a computer which produces three-dimensional images of what each Invisalign® tray will be able to achieve. From those images, a series of trays will be crafted using specific molds that are made to represent the patient's teeth. Each tray in the series will be slightly different from the one that was used before it. The trays are designed to snap firmly into place over the lower sections of the tooth. Trays are made of an extremely hard, clear plastic that cannot be seen once the tray has been snapped into place.

How Long Does an Average Treatment Plan Last?

The length of an Invisalign® treatment plan will be determined by how much work needs to be performed. If only a minimal amount of correction is needed, the treatment plan may last as little as ten months. If extensive work needs to be done, a 24-month treatment plan may be needed. In some cases, correcting one issue may cause another to present itself. If that occurs, the dentist may formulate a second treatment plan to help achieve the desired goal. The dentist will carefully monitor the use of the trays to determine how well they are working and how close the patient is to the smile they have always wanted.


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