Open Saturdays!

It is Friday evening.  You finally got everything in order.  All the children’s toys have been picked up.  They are tucked away in beds.  You finally get a moment to yourself.  You get that chance to sit in your favorite chair, with that book that you’ve been putting off all week. Take a sip of your favorite cup of tea that you’ve been thinking of all evening and OUCH! What was that, never felt that before? You take another sip and it happens again!!

Some people will wait till Monday to call the Dentist, because most offices are not open on the Weekend.  Here at The Tooth Doctor, our office is OPEN SATURDAYS.

Monday mornings we usually get a few phone calls from patients that have been dealing with a toothache throughout the past few days.  We want to inform all of our patients that we are always available in the office Monday through Saturday.  And on Sunday we have staff and doctors that are on call.  There is no reason to suffer and deal with the pain.  CALL 210.493.5555 someone on staff will schedule you as soon as possible.  If the office happens to be closed when you call we will give you some guidance to make the patient more comfortable till we can get them into the office.

Most of all, as we tell all of our patients, when in doubt please please please just call the office.  That’s what we are here for, our patients are our number one concern.

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