Tooth Aches are NO FUN!!!



Here at The Tooth Doctor, Dr. Reddy and his staff understand that when there is a tooth ache it needs to be addressed right away.

In these situations we will get patients in the office immediately.  Anything from a broken tooth to a cracked denture here at The Tooth Doctor will always accommodate all patients it does not matter if you are a long time patient or a new patient to the office your health and your smiles are important to us.

If your emergency happens on a Tuesday afternoon or a Saturday early morning here at The Tooth Doctor we will always make time to get you into the office.  We are open Monday thru Friday and every Saturday starting at 8:00am.

Please call the main line at 210.493.555 for further instructions on how to handle the emergency. We are always available to assist with your injury or accident. So if you have a tooth ache, broken tooth, or swelling please remember we can always help.

We want to save your teeth.

Saving your natural teeth is our #1 goal and focus.  Treating broken teeth and infections there are many options.  But we also understand that insurance and budgeting plays a factor at times.  We have many routes that we can go to make sure that your health and your smile is not compromised. 

The Tooth Doctor’s emergency dental services include treatments such at same day extractions, root canals and denture repair with-in a 24 hour time frame. 

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